LTP Precision | PO Box 728 | 17763 State Highway 198 | Saegertown, PA 16433 (814) 763-2032
LTP Precision | PO Box 728 | 17763 State Highway 198 | Saegertown, PA 16433 (814) 763-2032
Turnaround Molds
Custom Molds
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Our in-house tooling and machining capabilities allow for design, build, and run projects. Then any maintenance required on tools will be taken care of with minimal downtime to productivity. The experienced toolmakers and staff at LTP allow for quick turnarounds on new builds, repair work, or spare tooling needs.
Design and Engineer complex mold designs

LTP Precision is a company dedicated to the design, build, and run of plastic injection molds. We design tools that produce complex 3-D components and assemblies that service the small appliance, medical, automotive, custom packaging and electronic industries.

Years of proven progressive experience has made LTP Precision a leader in our industry and we are proud to offer a variety of mold types to compete in the global market:

Quick Turnaround Molds
Rapid Mold Construction for production tooling

The mold construction time is now dependent only on the time to build the custom cavity blocks and cores.

While a mold built with off the shelf components will not be quite as refined on cycle time as a complete custom mold, the turn-around time and cost factor will be an advantage in many cases.

Quick Turnaround molds will be comparable in price to many off shore mold suppliers while providing a mold that has a complete design plus the ability to replace the standard components as needed.

Complex Custom Molds
Production Molds
  • Modular Frames
  • Standard Frames
  • Custom Frames
  • MUD Frames
Custom Hot-Runner Molds
  • Retro-Fit Cold to Hot-Runner
  • Custom Hot Sprues
Sampling & Troubleshooting
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